No to NATO in Ukraine!

Dec 31, 2014 |
Ukraine's ambitions to become a NATO protected state became apparent on Tuesday as its Parliament renounced the country's neutral status, a first step in requesting to join NATO. In response, Russia's ... Read more

Wise Words From a Republican

Dec 31, 2014 |
"We created ISIS, and we need to destroy ISIS," said George Brikho. "ISIS is funded by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, our supposed allies." These words by a Republican running for Congress in 2014 ... Read more

Reporters and Political Blogging

Dec 31, 2014 |
In the old days it took a lot to start a new agency! You would most likely need a degree in media broadcasting, certifications with the FCC and other agencies, a lot of money to get a studio and news ... Read more

Political Blogs - How to Write Them Effectively

Dec 31, 2014 |
For years you've probably been hearing about blogs, bloggers, the blogosphere, and all things "bloggy". When most people hear the term blog they might think of some geek in their underwear writing ... Read more

American Politics Primer, Political Left and Right

Dec 31, 2014 |
Did you know that the term political left originated in France during the French revolution? After the King and Queen had been executed, France became a republic. The terms left and right arose from ... Read more

Political Thought

May 10, 2016 |
Political blog including religious thought, current affairs. ... Read more