Emu Tracks Muscle & Joint Balm 95g


Emu Tracks Muscle & Joint Balm 95g

A deep penetrating Balm formulated to target inflammation and relieve pain

Emu Tracks has been facilitating Emu Oil research for over 10 years with leading Universities and Hospitals. This research has repeatedly confirmed Emu Oil to be one of Nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory agents. Research conducted on Muscle Soreness show Emu Oil has a faster and more prolonged effect when compared against a common Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID).

The unique combination of Emu Oil and natural extracts offers exceptional penetrating properties to give rapid relief to joint & muscle pain, sprains & strains, swelling & impaired movement in sports injuries.

Emu Oil Balm is formulated to assist: reduce swelling, stimulate circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, relieve muscle aches and strains.

When massaged warms the area to increase healing circulation.

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