The Fun of Do It Yourself Snake and other Reptile Cages

Jan 16, 2015 |
Are you nuts? You think banging your finger with a hammer is fun? No, I don't. But building your own snake and other reptile cages can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Before you even start, ... Read more

Corn Snakes 101 - Buying Your Snake at a Reptile Show

Jan 16, 2015 |
While you may not live close to a corn snake breeder, you could still meet one in person (to purchase a snake) by attending a reptile show in your area.  These shows run the gamut from one-day ... Read more

Corallus Hortulanus

Mar 19, 2015 |
Each Amazon Tree Boa has a different personality. Some are very docile and easy to handle, whereas, others are unpredictable and aggressive. Like most snakes, boas are nocturnal, hiding during the ... Read more

Lemon Blast Juvenile Ball Python

Mar 19, 2015 |
The PetSmart Lemon Blast Juvenile Ball Python is just one of the many Specialty Ball Pythons or "Morphs". Because of their varying colors and patterns, docile nature and small size, ball pythons are ... Read more

Fancy Corn Snake

Mar 19, 2015 |
For ages 12 & up Lives up to 23 years Carnivores Communal Diurnal Note: Pet availability is seasonal. State and local regulations may vary. Pricing may vary by store location. ... Read more

May 3, 2016 |
Breeder and seller of pet corn snakes. ... Read more